Roblox DOORS Codes

Want to know about Roblox horror games? Some are great, others not so much. But have you heard of Roblox DOORS? It’s one of the best games on Roblox, and here’s why.

Get ready for Roblox DOORS! This game is all about finding your way out of tricky puzzles and dangerous rooms. But fear not, I’ve got some secret codes for you that’ll help you survive and conquer the game.

Roblox DOORS is a game where every door could mean life or death. But it’s your mission to escape this maze! How? By using your smarts and eliminating options until you crack the puzzle. And guess what? I’ve gathered some codes to give you a head start.

Here are the latest Roblox DOORS codes to get you started on your escape mission:

Finding More Roblox DOORS Codes:

Eager for more Roblox DOORS codes? Here’s how you can get them:

To stay updated with the latest codes for Roblox DOORS:

  • Follow the developer LSPLASH on Twitter @DoorsRoblox.
  • Join their LSplash Official Discord Server.

And don’t forget to bookmark this page! Pro Game Guides has your back with all the freshest codes straight from the developer.

Redeeming Roblox DOORS Codes

Want to unlock rewards in Roblox DOORS using codes? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Roblox DOORS.
  2. Click on the Shop button located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. In the Shop menu, find the “Enter code here” text box at the top of the screen.
  4. Input the code and click CONFIRM to redeem your reward.

New DOORS Entities in the Hotel+ Update

Excited about the latest Hotel+ update in Roblox DOORS? Discover the new entities introduced:

  • Snare: Found in The Greenhouse, Snare can trap you for 3-4 seconds, causing 10 points of damage. Use a flashlight or lighter to spot it.
  • Void: In multiplayer, Void teleports those who stray from the group, without causing damage.
  • El Goblino: A harmless entity found after The Library, offering no damage or jump scares. Interact with it multiple times to see changes in its behavior.
  • Bob: Another friendly entity, companion to El Goblino, doesn’t do or say much around non-entities.
  • Jeff: Works at the mid-hotel shop, sells items for Gold, and gets restocked through the PLS DONATE booth.
  • Dupe: Triggers confusion and attacks if you enter doors out of order in certain rooms.

[List of Roblox DOORS codes]

1. Working Codes

  • 4B—Redeem for a revive (New)
  • THREE—Redeem for a revive and Knobs
  • SCREECHSUCKS—Claim this code for 25 Knobs

2. Expired Codes

  • 2BILLIONVISITS—Redeem for a revive and 100 Knobs
  • SORRYBOUTTHAT—Claim this code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • SORRYFORDELAY—Claim this code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • ONEBILLIONVISITS—Claim this code for 100 Knobs, 1 Revive, and 1 Boost
  • PSST—Claim this code for 50 Knobs
  • LOOKBEHINDYOU—Claim the code for 10 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • TEST—Claim the code for one Knob
  • 500MVisits—Claim the code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • 100MVISITS—Claim the code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive

Understanding DOORS

DOORS is a first-person horror game where your goal is to navigate through levels by unlocking doors. Some doors might lead to your demise, while others require puzzle-solving skills. The longer you survive and progress, the higher you climb on the leaderboards.

Looking for scary experiences on Roblox? 

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DOORS Achievements and Badges

Curious about DOORS achievements and badges? Here’s a peek at some:

  1. Welcome: Join Doors for the first time.
  2. Buddy System: Play a game of Doors with a friend.
  3. Welcome Back: Play Doors two days in a row.
  4. Join The Group: Join the LSPLASH Roblox group.
  5. Betrayal: Steal a closet from another player.
  6. Back From The Dead: Revive yourself.
  7. One Of Many: Die for the first time.
  8. Ten Of Many: Die 10 times.
  9. Hundred Of Many: Die 100 times.
  10. Out Of My Way: Survive Rush.
  11. You Can Run: Survive Seek.
  12. Eviction Notice: Have Hide kick you from a closet.
  13. Rebound: Survive Ambush.
  14. Two Steps Forward: Survive Halt.
  15. Look At Me: Survive Eyes.
  16. I See You: Dodge Screech’s Attack.
  17. Sshh!: Escape from the library in The Hotel.
  18. Expert Technician: Solve the level 100 circuit breaker puzzle in under one minute.
  19. Meet Timothy: Encounter Timothy.
  20. Meet Jack: Encounter Jack.
  21. Error: Encounter Glitch.
  22. Wrong Room: Encounter Dupe.
  23. Evil Be Gone: Successfully use a crucifix on any entity.
  24. Stay Out Of My Way: Successfully use a crucifix on Rush

Mastering Challenges in DOORS: Achievements and Objectives

Unlocking achievements in DOORS is a thrilling part of the game. Here’s a guide on how to accomplish various tasks:

  • Unbound: Successfully use a crucifix on Ambush.
  • Take a Breather: Successfully use a crucifix on Seek.
  • All Figured Out: Successfully use a crucifix in Figure.
  • You Can’t See Me: Successfully use a crucifix on Eyes.
  • I Hate You: Successfully use a crucifix on Screech.
  • Two Steps Ahead: Successfully use a crucifix on Halt.
  • Outwitted: Successfully use a crucifix on Dupe.
  • In Plain Sight: Evade an entity without hiding in a closet or under a bed.
  • It Stares Back: Encounter Void.
  • Interconnected: Place an item in the portal located in the basement of Room 100.
  • Supporting Small Businesses: Purchase an item from Jeff’s Shop.
  • Pls, Donate: Add the max amount of Gold to Jeff’s tip jar.
  • Herb Of Viridis: Unlock a skeleton door and interact with the Herb of Viridis inside.
  • Detour: Unlock and enter the secret door leading to The Rooms.
  • Back On Track: Play through and escape The Rooms.
  • ???: Reach room A-1000 in The Rooms.
  • Rock Bottom: Escape The Hotel.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, mastering the challenges and achievements in DOORS adds an exciting dimension to the game. With various tasks to accomplish and mysteries to uncover, it’s an adventure worth exploring. 

Plus, staying up-to-date with codes in other popular Roblox horror games can give you the edge to outlast competitors and reign supreme on the leaderboards. Keep exploring, solving puzzles, and conquering the unknown in DOORS and beyond!

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