Are ESports Different from Other Sports?

ESports refers to video games that attract experienced gamers in competitive game titles. The discipline does not differ from traditional sports as it adopts the idea of professional players in various competitions based on the selected genre.

ESports is a real industry with over 400 million fans watching its events. Its use of digital platforms has offered opportunities, especially to the younger generation, who prefer virtual gaming.

Any player can excel in esports games despite their physical appearance. i.e., height and weight. With digitization, you can easily access everything about esports anywhere and anytime.

Undoubtedly, your involvement with esports exposes you to real-life experiences and leaves you with the best memories. ESports feature the best local and international events, which are good opportunities for players to showcase their skills and abilities.

In addition, the events enhance the creation of ideal esports bets, which could benefit bettors who follow up on esports teams, games, and matches.

ESports Genres and How They Are Played

ESports titles fall into various genres, making identifying your area of interest easier. Most likely, your favorite choices are in fighting games, shooters, and MOBAs, the leading genres in the industry.

  • Fighting Games

Fighting games aim to enable players to realize their technical prowess and maximize their psychological and combo tactics to defeat opponents. These games are designed to be played in a 1v1 combat format. Some of the best titles in this genre include Super Smash Brothers, Street Fighter, and Tekken.

  • Shooters

Shooters are video games that allow the use of weapons to counter opponents. These weapons could be long-range or firearms.

Shooter games vary from individual to team-based and can be played in first and third person. The first-person shooter is played from a character’s viewpoint, while the third-person shooter displays a player’s character within the surrounding environment.

  • MOBAs

These are strategy games whereby two teams compete against each other on a given battlefield. Here, a player is supposed to take control over a character; it could be a hero, champion, or legend).

Each character has a role in enhancing a team’s overall strategy. These games aim to enable you to destroy your enemy’s structure.

Esports Leading Titles

Esports game titles are so diverse that it may take longer to identify your ideal choice. However, it should not keep you from pursuing what you like.

Instead of trying the games individually, there is an ideal solution for you. You can always look out for the most popular ones in the industry. They include:

  • Apex Legend – allows you to control different mercenaries; it is easier because they possess multiple unique abilities like Mirage and Wraith. For instance, with the Wrath character, you can travel between the given dimensions or cover yourself up as Mirage to allow you to create holograms. They are among the most reliable tactics to defeat your enemy.
  • StarCraft II – Legacy of the Void- has classic gameplay and the best cash prizes. It uses military strategy, creating a satisfying experience, especially for the die-hards.
  • Dota 2 – is the most popular because it has simple dynamics, which anyone can easily absorb. Here, you are required to select only one hero among 100 and take it to the battlefield. Then, to be the winner, you are supposed to utilize the unique abilities of the hero you picked, its attributes, and play style.
  • League of Legends – here, the focus is on destroying their enemy’s base. It has a simple gameplay that involves elements like tower defense, role-playing, and real-time strategy.

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