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If you are interested in working with us to publish quality content and let our readers understand more than what we are already publishing, you can contribute and become a sponsor for making us do better for tech and business in the community.

We are here to publish paid blog posts on gaming codes, guides, tricks, locations, controls, etc.  to guide newbies in many ways from a-to-z and also entertain them with top lists of updates and now some relative Gaming News Updates too as we are not Google News approved so we can also accept sponsored content and other advertising offers like paid product reviews and advertising deals from many niches and industries.

What Do We Offer?

Simply the sponsorship in four different ways on our premium website (a magazine for entrepreneurs):

  • A sponsored article – paid guest post (written by you)
  • Product Review (written by you or our team)
  • Niche Edits or Editorial Insertions
  • Press Release (PR) and promotional content/story

As we promise, we’ll publish your paid guest post on the homepage, get it indexed instantly in Google, and it will be live as a permanent post (no expiry dates).

NOTE: We may or may not tag paid content clearly and mention that we are getting paid for it, so if you want to write for us a guest post, kindly contact us first.

Writing Guidelines

As we receive tons of outreach emails, we decided to create these guidelines to make the whole process easier for both you and us.

We accept only high-quality posts that comply with our guidelines.

1. Unique content

Your content has to be unique. Not only in terms of “duplicate content” (that goes without saying), the article should cover something not found on hundreds of other SEO blogs, or at least look at the familiar topic from a new point of view.

2. Proper optimization

Don’t forget to build the post around the focus keyword that represents the topic. Do some basic keyword research and optimize the post accordingly, including the usage of the appropriate headings.  All in all, the better the post, the more authoritative will be the link to your website in the long run.

3. Links

Make sure to back up your claims with relevant links to valuable resources. If possible, include at least one internal link to one of our blog posts.

4. Images

You don’t have to create a featured image for the article, we will create one once we accept your article. However, we strongly recommend using relevant images in the text – screenshots, illustrations, graphs, etc. Please avoid stock photos.

If you don’t have resources to create interesting visuals, let us know and we can help you with that.

5. Article length

Although quality is more important for us than quantity, in general, the post should have at least 800 words.

How to Contact us?

To send your proposal or custom offer please contact us via our email address:

NOTE: Please tell us about your offer, and don’t waste time asking for the price (we can discuss it but saying your offer is the perfect way to make relations).

Our turnaround time TAT is on the same day (24 hours). So you can get your articles published instantly.

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