Roblox DOORS Walkthrough – All Monsters & How to Survive Them

Are you ready to face chilling monsters and navigate a haunted hotel in Roblox? Doors, the newest horror/survival experience, beckons players into a thrilling escapade. 

Dodging monsters, solving puzzles, and escaping the eerie hotel requires bravery and strategy. Want to know how to survive encounters with these spooky entities? Dive into this guide for essential tips and tricks.

Exploring Monsters in Doors: Surviving Haunting Encounters

1. Ambush: The Persistent Intruder

Similar to Rush, Ambush causes flickering lights and runs through hallways and rooms, but it can repeat this up to six times. Hide in closets when Ambush arrives, step out when it vanishes, and repeat until it disappears fully. Quick actions are essential since Ambush moves faster than Rush.

2. Hide: The Unwelcome Alarm

Hide materializes if players hide for extended periods. It warns with a red screen and “GET OUT” flashing, gradually reducing health if ignored. Being forced out of hiding lowers health by 40%, imposing a cooldown on hiding again.

3. Guiding Light: Your Helpful Companion

Guiding Light acts as your guide, using glowing blue particles to lead you in the right direction. It assists in dark areas, pointing the way out and highlighting hidden keys. During Seek’s running sequence, it plays a crucial role in showing the correct path to safety.

4. Rush: The Swift Predator

When Rush appears, room lights flicker, signaling danger. Hide in vents, closets, or under beds to evade Rush. Failing to find a hiding spot leads to immediate contact death. After Rush passes, broken lights signal its departure, allowing you to proceed.

5. Halt: The Sinister Pursuer

Halt spawns behind the next-door players, revealing itself in a dark hallway. Escape by navigating down the hall while watching for prompts to “Turn Around.” Follow the prompts to successfully evade Halt and reach safety.

In Doors, survival demands quick thinking and swift action to outwit these haunting entities. Master their behaviors and survival strategies to conquer the challenges and escape the haunted hotel!

6. Snare: The Entrapping Menace

Exclusive to The Greenhouse, Snare awaits in the grass, trapping anyone who steps on it for a few seconds, causing 10 damage. Employ a light source to spot Snare and avoid falling victim to its entrapment.

7. Jack: The Startle Master

Appearing randomly, Jack serves as a jump-scare, harmless but startling. It has a slim chance of appearing in closets or behind numberless doors. After its appearance, the space becomes accessible again.

8. Shadow: The Rare Fright

Similar to Jack, Shadow startles players with a loud shriek but inflicts no harm. Rarely seen, this entity appears fleetingly upon opening doors, providing more shock than a visual appearance.

9. Eyes: The Bewildering Stare

Encountering a purple glow signals the appearance of Eyes—a 36-eyed entity that inflicts 10 damage when looked upon. To survive, swiftly move away while avoiding direct eye contact by focusing on the floor, ceiling, or walls.

10. Screech: The Startling Whisperer

In dark rooms behind numbered doors, be wary of Screech, identified by a subtle whisper. Immediately turn your camera and gaze at Screech upon hearing the sound. Failing to do so results in a damaging scream that inflicts 40 damage.

11. Timothy: The Sneaky Jumper

A spider entity, Timothy startles players with a 1/200 chance upon opening drawers, causing a slight 5 HP deduction before vanishing without harm.

12. El Goblino: The Curious Companion

Found after The Library, El Goblino is a peculiarly friendly entity. Interacting with it holds no threat; however, after multiple interactions, El Goblino ceases to respond and simply observes.

13. Bob: The Silent Observer

Usually accompanying El Goblino, Bob is a tranquil entity that doesn’t interact or communicate. It appears content listening to El Goblino’s stories, creating a serene atmosphere.

14. Window: The Random Appearance

The window startles without impact, randomly appearing outside a window with lightning strikes. It serves solely as a startling visual with no effect on gameplay.

15. Void: The Group Realigner

In multiplayer, Void doesn’t harm but teleports stray players back to the group. Staying together prevents encounters with Void in the haunted realm.

Navigating the haunted hotel in Doors demands vigilance and swift reactions to avoid falling prey to these eerie entities!

16. Glitch: The Room-Hopping Solution

In solo servers where rooms fail to load, the recent patch introduces Glitch as a handy solution. Encountering this bug previously meant the end of a run, resulting in lost progress. Now, players encountering this issue are teleported ahead, bypassing the bug without losing HP.

17. Jeff: The Shopkeeper

Operating the mid-hotel shop, Jeff sells various items for Gold. Despite being a figure with glowing eyes, Jeff has tentacles and restocks the shop via the PLS DONATE booth. After a purchase, Jeff’s eyes light up, indicating satisfaction in aiding players.

18. Dupe: The Mischief Maker

With the Hotel+ update, Dupe introduces confusion by creating duplicate doors. Players need to enter doors sequentially to avoid a surprise attack, as skipping the correct door prompts Dupe to strike, causing damage.

19. Seek: The Pursuer

Encountered between doors 30 through 45 and later between doors 80 through 95, Seek appears from a pile of slime. Players must navigate obstacles while being chased, following white sparkles to find the correct path. Touching hazards or being caught by Seek results in significant damage or instant defeat.

20. Figure: The Keen Listener

Figure relies on hearing and can detect players’ movements. To evade it, crouching and moving quietly are vital. Encounter Figure twice, in rooms 50 and 100, with its attack causing instant defeat.

These entities within Doors demand quick thinking and strategy to navigate the haunted hotel effectively!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Doors introduces a myriad of intriguing entities and encounters within its haunted hotel. Each entity demands unique strategies and quick thinking to navigate safely through spine-chilling challenges. Mastering these encounters adds depth and excitement to the survival experience within the game.

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