Peroxide Stat Limits & Scaling Explained


Are you curious about Peroxide, the game on Roblox? Want to dive into the details? We’ve got you covered! 

Check out the Peroxide Trello for everything you need to know about Soul Reaper Progression, Shikai Moves, Bankai Moves, Hollow Progression, Resurrections Moves, Segunda Moves, Quincy Progression, Hollow, Cybernetics, Items, NPCs, Locations, Raids, Crystals, Training Equipment, and more! 

Whether you’re eager to master the art of Soul Reaper combat or explore the depths of Hollow progression, the Trello has all the information you need to enhance your gaming experience. Click the link and embark on your journey to become a master of Peroxide!

Peroxide Links You Should Check

Looking for important links related to Roblox Peroxide? Here they are:

  • Peroxide Trello: Link
  • Peroxide Discord: Link
  • Peroxide Game Page: Link
  • Peroxide’s Official Group: Link

Understanding Peroxide In Detail


Wondering about becoming a Hollow, Soul Reaper, or Quincy? Here are the steps:

  • To become a Hollow, die as a human, become a Soul, then hit the G key to extract your soul chain.
  • To be a Soul Reaper, die as a Human and talk to Kisuke under NPCs.
  • To be a Quincy, speak to Gunther in NPCs as a Human or Soul, or talk to Yhwach as an Arrancar in NPCs (with positive Wandenreich reputation) if you’re at least level 100.

Accessing and Upgrading Abilities

Here’s how you can access and upgrade abilities:

  • Abilities unlock every three levels, marked by the gear icon turning orange.
  • Click the icon to reveal ability cards and select one to unlock.
  • You can also enhance existing abilities by selecting their respective cards.

Understanding Stat Limits

In Peroxide, stats like Agility and Reiatsu max out at 140, but can reach 154 post-Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig. 

Combat stats such as Vitality, Strength, and Spirit cap at 490 after these stages, and 350 before. A soft cap adjusts stat experience requirements based on your progression level.

Troubleshooting Level-Up Issues

If you’re stuck without leveling up, it’s likely due to hitting the level cap or needing additional potential/limit break. Defeating NPCs or joining events can help with limit breaking. Your potential level is calculated from the average of all your stats, with different rules for Arrancars.

Understanding Stat Scaling

Stat scaling directly corresponds to your player level. It starts at level 1, where, for example, each vitality stat point adds 2 health, increasing to 4 health per point at level 60.

Explaining Dual Scaling Mechanism

Dual Scaling relies on 90% of your highest stat for damage, ensuring moves deal consistent damage regardless of strength or spirit focus. However, it can adapt to 60% of both stats if their combined value surpasses 90% of your dominant stat.

Additional Roblox Trello Links

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In conclusion, stat limitations in Peroxide restrict utility stats like Agility and Reiatsu to 140, extendable to 154 post-Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig. Combat stats are capped at 490 after these stages. 

For leveling up, defeat NPCs or participate in events. Stat scaling and Dual Scaling mechanisms ensure balanced gameplay. For more Roblox Trello links and updates, visit our website’s Roblox section.

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