Conquer Level 8: Apeirophobia Tips


Do you tremble at the thought of scary games? Picture yourself encountering eerie monsters in Roblox Apeirophobia! 

Level 8, dubbed “Lights Out,” is notoriously challenging. But fret not! This blog offers foolproof tips to conquer it and progress to level 9. Stick around to master the techniques and fearlessly navigate the game’s spine-chilling adventures!

How to Beat Level 8 in Apeirophobia?


Tips for Level 8

Before diving into level 8, remember it’s pretty dark. Bring a flashlight to navigate.

1. Area One


  • You’ll start in a small room with lockers. These lockers are your lifeline to track where you’re going in the maze-like darkness.
  • Head straight from the spawn room, then turn right down a long hallway. If you spot a locker on your right, you’re on track.
  • Keep moving forward until you reach a point with three open pathways. Take the middle one and keep going straight.
  • As you walk, you’ll find another locker on your path. Don’t lose hope—keep walking until you reach the end of the hallway.
  • Look to your right for an opening, then turn left. You’ll enter a small room with another opening on the other side.
  • Keep going through that opening to progress through Level 8 safely.

2. Chair Room


You’ll encounter a long, dark room filled with chairs in this part of the game. Be cautious—it’s the trickiest area in Level 8.

  • Quickly locate the lockers without wasting time, as the Stealer is faster than you, even when sprinting.
  • The exit is on the left side, so head there swiftly to move on to Area Two.

As you progress, keep two important hints about the Skin Stealer in mind:

  1. The Stealer has a red glow, which makes it easier to spot in the darkness.
  2. It emits a loud, static-like sound when it’s nearby.

Area Two


  • After leaving the Chair Room, you’ll enter a small room with multiple exits.
  • Go towards the end of the room and take the exit on the right.
  • Turn left and proceed down the hall until you reach the end.
  • Listen carefully for the Skin Stealer’s noises in Area Two and proceed cautiously.
  • Keep walking and turn right at the end of the hallway, following the green light above you.
  • Head towards the opening next to the light and turn left.
  • Follow the wall until you spot a red light, then turn right to find a small room with a ladder.
  • Climb up the ladder to successfully escape Level 8.


This blog provides detailed instructions on how to conquer Level 8 in Apeirophobia. By carefully following each step, you can confidently tackle the challenges and progress to level 9.  Happy gaming!

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