Demonfall Races: Humans, Demons, Hybrids


Do you enjoy playing Roblox games? Have you heard of Demonfall by Fireheart Studio? It’s a popular game where you battle enemies, explore for resources, and strive to survive, all inspired by the anime Demon Slayer. 

What’s even better now is you can team up with friends to defeat your foes! Want to know how to get the Demonfall Trello Link & Wiki? Look no further! This blog has got you covered with all the updates you need. Let’s dive into the details together!

Demonfall Trello


Like numerous other Roblox games, Demonfall has its own official Trello board made by the amusement makers. Trello may be a critical instrument for keeping track of what you’re doing in the amusement. The developers created the Demonfall Trello to help players understand the game’s basics so they can cover every part.

You can check out the Demonfall Trello Link below for info about selling trinkets, getting or changing BDA, dropping yen, maps and races, skills, styles, trainers, and the prestige system.

Demonfall Trello link:

Demonfall Trello Controls

Below is the list of controls in Demonfall Trello:

TAB Menu Player List
Right Click Heavy Attack/M2
Left Click Light Attack/M1/Use Item
R Unsheathe/Sheathe Sword
Q Dash
M Skill tree
V Carry
B: Execute
G Breathe
E Interact
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc Skills
Z and X Accessory and Item Use
C Rush, Rush Kick

Demonfall Races

In Demonfall, there are three races you can play as:

  • Human
  • Demon
  • Hybrid

Human Race in Demonfall

At the start of the game, you begin as a Human in Demonfall. But you need to defeat a Demon early on. Once you’re a Human, you must keep your hunger bar up by eating different items in the game.

Demon Race in Demonfall

If you fail to beat your enemy, you’ll become a Demon. There are three different appearances for Demons:

  • Face marks
  • Eye Look
  • Unique Horns

As a Demon, sunlight and Wisteria trees will hurt you. And just like Humans, you have to eat to keep your hunger bar filled, but you’ll be eating humans instead.

Hybrid Race in Demonfall

The Hybrid race is the most important one to achieve in Demonfall. To unlock the Hybrid race, you need to reach level 50 in the game.


That wraps up the details about the Demonfall races. Make sure to stay updated by reading our blog.

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