Royale High Fountain Answers: Secrets to Halo Success

In the enchanting world of “Royale High,” players are often on a quest for the coveted halos that add a touch of magic to their virtual personas. The Fountain of Dreams offers an intriguing opportunity to obtain these halos through captivating stories and choices. However, securing a halo is not guaranteed, and the Fountain holds its surprises, offering rewards like diamonds, experience points, or even the rarest prize of all – a halo. This article delves into the mechanics of the Fountain of Dreams and provides a comprehensive list of royale high fountain answers for various halo stories.

How Exactly the Fountain Answers work?

Despite answering the fountain stories correctly, there’s an element of unpredictability that makes every encounter with the Fountain a thrilling experience. The rewards are divided into different categories, each with its own probability:

  • Win Diamonds: 30%
  • Lose Diamonds: 30%
  • Win a Random Amount of XP: 30%
  • Win a Halo: 10%

It’s crucial to understand that while providing the correct answers increases your chances of obtaining a halo, it’s not a guaranteed method. The rarity of halos contributes to their allure, and players often aim to uncover the Fountain’s secrets to increase their odds.

A Halo for Every Season

The Fountain of Dreams is closely tied to the availability of different halos, each associated with a specific season or theme. Below are the correct answers for various halo stories, unveiling the paths to these sought-after items:

Royale High Fountain Answers: Summer Halo 2023

  • Jet Ski Trip: Answer A & D
  • Summer Carnival: Answer A
  • Underwater Castle: Answer A
  • Join a Butler’s Team: Answer A
  • Summer Job: Answer C
  • Sea Monster: Answer C
  • Surfboard Contest: Answer C
  • Summer Pageant Stylist: Answer A
  • Lost Necklace: Answer A
  • Scuba Diving Adventure: Answer C
  • Fenix the Messenger: Answer A
  • Dominic Needs Help: Answer A
  • Following the Voice: Answer C

Royale High Fountain Answers: Spring Halo 2023

  • The Goose: Answer C & B
  • Violet’s Activities: Answer D
  • Three Flower Fields: Answer A
  • Baby Chicks: Answer A
  • Maddie’s Petting Zoo: Answer B & C
  • Bunnies in the Tunnel: Answer B & D
  • Follow an Arrow: Answer B
  • Broken Basket: Answer B
  • Violet and the Pig: Answer B
  • Magical Tornado: Answer B
  • Wendy and Rowena: Answer B
  • Delilah’s Farmers Market: Answer D
  • Heavy Rain: Answer C
  • Enchanted Fairy Forest: Answer A
  • Enchanted Portals: Answer B & D

Royale High Fountain Answers: Winter Halo 2022

  • Escape the Snowy Nightmare: Answer A
  • Choose an Activity: Answer A
  • Snowy Figure Startles You: Answer B
  • Mystical Item Inside the Citadel of Ice: Answer D
  • Scented Candle to Light: Answer C
  • Ethereal Creature and Avalanche: Answer C
  • Trail of Animal Tracks to Follow: Answer D
  • Boat Inside of Snowglobe Summit: Answer B
  • Ice Skates from the Rental Booth: Answer C
  • Captain Whiskers and Holiday Cheer: Answer C
  • Beverage from the Pale Snow Fairy: Answer B
  • At the Winter Ball: Answer B and D
  • Part for the Man in White: Answers A and B
  • Tripping Over the Snow Globe: Answer B
  • Sugary Snack for Snow Day: Answer B

Royale High Fountain Answers: Halloween Halo 2022 – Witching Hour

  • Giant Magical Scarecrow: Answer C
  • Choosing Trail Abandoned Pumpkin Patch: Answer C
  • Help Hazel the Earth Fairy: Answers Vary
  • Butternut the Squirrel and His Friends: Answer B & C
  • Flyer for Wickery Cliffs Halloween Festival: Answer B & D
  • Adam First at the Fall Festival: Answer B & C
  • Potion Ingredients in Halloween-Themed House: Answer B & C
  • Intersection in the Corn Maze: Answers Vary
  • Royale High Fall Farmers Market: Answer A
  • Elderly Lady Who Offers to Knit: Answer B
  • Snowy Owl: Answer A
  • Colorful Leaf from Fountain Dimension: Answers Vary
  • Foggy Woods After Following Weeping Sound: Answer A & C
  • Black Cat on the Cliff: Answer B
  • Abandoned Mansion: Answer C & D
  • Noticing the Fox, Orange Forest, and Colorful Sunset: Answer A & C
  • Glowing Chest in Costume Store: Answer B & D
  • Dessert from Old Woman at Fall-Themed Café: Answer B & D
  • Potion to Make at Youthful Witch’s Booth: Answer A and D
  • Swirling Leaves Turn into Humanoid: Answer A & B
  • Pumpkin to Carve for Baby-Faced Girl’s Contest: Answer A
  • Maxwell the Ghost: Answer B
  • Old Stall Vendor: Answer A & B
  • Graveyard Realm: Answer C

Royale High Fountain Answers: Mermaid Halo 2022

  • Enchanted Seashell Scepter: Answers Vary
  • Monrovia Bizerries: Answer C
  • The Missing Crab, Storm: Answer C
  • Pandora, the Water Nymph: Answer A
  • Pick a Seashell: Answer D
  • Glowing Bottle: Answers Vary
  • Captain Whiskers: Answer A
  • Four Mermaids: Answer B
  • Intense Heat: Answer B
  • Cake Decorating Contest: Answer D
  • Strange Seashell: Answer A
  • The Ice Cream Store: Answer C
  • Pirate’s Lost Treasure: Answer A
  • Summer Fairground: Answer B
  • Summer Carnival: Answer A
  • Choose a Cave: Answer A
  • Sandcastle Competition: Answer D

Royale High Fountain Answers: Spring Halo 2022

  • Dance Partner for Castle Garden Dance-Off: Answer D
  • Summon the Naiad and Choose a Flower: Answer D
  • Choose Which Plant for Fountain Girl: Answer B
  • Help Lucille Prepare for Annual Flower Festival: Answer D
  • Choose an Instrument: Answer B
  • Choose Which Plant to Water First for Blossom: Answer B
  • Earthquake in Divina Park: Answer C
  • Helping the Mother Robin: Answer B
  • Choose a Fashion Model from Aria: Answer Soon
  • Help Nissa with the Venus Flytrap: Answer C
  • Choose a Magnificent Flower for Divina Park Flower Picking Contest: Answer B & C
  • Choose a Path in Flower Realm: Answer Soon

Royale High Fountain Answers: Winter Halo 2021

  • Marvelous Scarf: Answers C & D
  • Colossal Yeti Steals Cookies: Answers A & B
  • Little Girl’s Village Damaged by Ice Queen: Answer B
  • Snowball Fight: Answers A & B
  • Bring a Flower for Winter Spirit: Answers Vary
  • Read a Book to Nugget: Answers A & B
  • Sled Race: Answers B & C
  • Glowing Entity: Answers A & D
  • Scared Penguin: Answers A, B & D
  • Antique Shop: Answers B & C
  • Helping the Fountain Girl: Answers B & C
  • Hat for Snowman Building Contest: Answer

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