6 Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone

Ever since iOS and Android became full-fledged operating systems and gained their own following, the question of which one is the superior choice has always lingered. The truth, however, is that neither can be considered a definite winner. Both Android phones and iPhones possess remarkable features that the other could adopt. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with either.

That being said, some Android users may exhibit curiosity about iPhones to comprehend the phenomenon surrounding them. After all, the iPhone holds the title of the world’s best-selling smartphone and continues to dominate annually.

Apple Ecosystem

The “Apple ecosystem” is one compelling reason to opt for an iPhone. However, maximizing the experience requires additional Apple products. By utilizing features like iCloud, syncing Apple devices becomes effortless. This means you can seamlessly transition from reading on a Mac to continuing on an iPhone while on the move. The icing on the cake is that you can access iCloud via the web, granting easy access to files, data, and even pictures from Android or Windows devices.

Among iPhone benefits, it is worth highlighting the fact that some applications are available only for iPhones. The same fax app on iPhone is one of the most frequently used applications, but it is not available on Android. If you don’t know if you can fax via iPhone, then the answer is yes. It is clear that there are online fax or Android applications, but they may not have some advantages. For this purpose you can use the app “FAX from iPhone: Fax App”. This is not an isolated case where the application is not available on Android but is available on iPhone.

Information Security

Apple devices are widely acknowledged as more secure than Android devices by information security companies. According to Forbes, 97% of smartphone malware targets Android phones. Android phones are frequently affected by malware and viruses, mainly sourced from app stores.

While Apple’s App Store offers a smaller number of apps compared to Android’s app store, the quantity of available apps is not the most crucial aspect of app stores. Apple strictly selects which app developers can access the Apple ecosystem, a network of devices, apps, and developers, making it nearly impossible for malware-containing apps to make their way into the App Store.

Retains Market Value

The cost of the latest iPhone models is generally 10% higher than the top-of-the-line releases from Android brands like Samsung or LG. However, iPhone models tend to maintain their market value for a longer duration. While all smartphones depreciate after a year or two, Apple products often fetch resale prices that are closer to the original retail value.

For instance, let’s compare the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple introduced the iPhone 13 Pro Max in September 2021, and it was priced at $1,199 for the 256GB variant. As of September 2023, a used model can be acquired for approximately $800 on eBay.

Switch for iMessage

It’s almost a meme at this point, but there’s a difference when you text someone with an iPhone or Android. The infamous green and blue bubbles make all the difference. It’s not because of the colors, but rather the features you get when using iMessage. You basically get an instant messaging app like WhatsApp that works flawlessly with other Apple devices. You can chat, get files, and even call people with the help of FaceTime. Additionally, there are plenty of exclusive features that you just can’t use with Android users.

Most Apps Come to iPhone First

Because there are fewer iPhone models compared to Android, developers find it easier to debut their apps in the App Store. As a result, you will often notice apps that become available on iPhone before reaching the Google Play Store, sometimes weeks or even months later.

This trend also extends to major updates. Significant app updates tend to be released on iPhone first before eventually expanding to Android.

Consider Procreate, for instance. Originally exclusive to iPad, this app remained a tablet-only application for several years. Only recently did Procreate become available for smartphones, but guess where it launched first? You guessed it – the iPhone. Android users are still eagerly waiting for their chance to access it.

Ease of Use

Apple phones are widely recognized for their user-friendly nature and simple operating logic. All the apps can be conveniently accessed from the home screen, while settings and various options are neatly organized under one menu. Even when upgrading to the latest iPhone model, the operating system remains consistent, ensuring a smooth transition and effortless usability.

In contrast, Android phones offer a plethora of modification and customization options, but their operating systems possess a higher level of complexity, which can be bewildering to some users when compared to iOS. If you prioritize a smartphone that is intuitive and straightforward for everyday use, an iPhone becomes the obvious and logical choice.


There are many reasons to switch from Android to iPhone and you now know about them. This applies to information security, ease of use and the longevity of your investment. If you want to try something new, welcome to our club.

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