Eternum: Mastering Choices


Ever wondered how to ace Eternum? Dive into the ultimate guide for top choices, boosting your points, and unveiling every event and scene. Authored by Caribdis, this walkthrough guarantees you won’t miss a beat in the game. From unraveling hidden mysteries to mastering challenging levels, this guide holds the key to your gaming success. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, this simplified roadmap ensures you navigate through Eternum with finesse. Don’t let uncertainties hold you back – with this guide, conquer the game and embark on an adventure like never before!

Eternum 0.1 Tips

  • Call Annie
  • Let her decide
  • Release them
  • Agree
  • Skip unnecessary tasks
  • Discuss the previous topic
  • Act tough with the guy
  • Proceed
  • Confirm decisions
  • Clean well
  • Stay out of sight
  • Express admiration
  • Speak up
  • Remember: Barack Obama, 1989, East Timor
  • Embrace Annie
  • Show approval
  • Admire her drawing tool
  • Use glasses
  • Purchase the pendant
  • Venture forth
  • Accompany Eva
  • Intervene
  • Stick with her
  • Follow her choice
  • Defend against Dalia
  • Stay put
  • Stick with her

Eternum 0.2 Hints

  • Invite Annie along
  • Confront physically
  • Share anime interest
  • Don’t purchase any item
  • Handle tasks personally
  • Optimal path: Hall, Living room, Garden, Bedroom, Corridor, Office, Safe Room, Open safe (3, 2, 18)
  • Inquire about gloves
  • Allow her to stay in your room
  • Advance forward
  • Offer to cook breakfast
  • Gift show tickets
  • Take action
  • Employ Noah and Raul
  • Show affection to her
  • Discuss family, hobbies, religion, tattoos
  • Express thoughts
  • Return her embrace
  • Agree
  • Phone her
  • Fetch coffee for Penelope
  • Add 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • Normal zoom for photo
  • Reject Mr. Valentino’s demands
  • Offer praise
  • Unbox personally

Eternum 0.3 Guide

  • Forgive
  • Rescue Nova
  • Defy Maat
  • Steal from Maat
  • Choose brownies (for Dalia) or bagels (for Alex)
  • Confess feelings
  • Share a kiss
  • Experiment with potions
  • Express appreciation
  • Visit the Emporium
  • Try (-60 Eternals), return to Potions
  • Study Conjuration
  • Explore Dark Arts
  • Practice Divination
  • Meet Penelope
  • Claim Prize
  • Restore
  • Purchase an apple
  • Refrain from buying
  • Offer 6 Eternals
  • Request something spicy
  • Dodge, Block, Attack
  • Spare him
  • Accept the invite
  • Agree
  • Discuss “The Lord of the Rings”

Eternum 0.4 Hints

  • Don’t open the letter
  • Stay grounded
  • Guide her by the shoulder
  • Depart or take chances
  • Sit between them
  • Choose tails
  • Offer a small tip
  • Cooperate
  • Persuade her to join
  • Share the news
  • Keep it quiet
  • Reciprocate the kiss
  • Engage him in conversation
  • Initiate an attack
  • Pursue her
  • Confirm via phone:
    • Alex: Remember the first date
    • Dalia: Acknowledge her mention
    • Penelope: Flatter her or compliment the photos
    • Nova: Respond naturally
    • Luna: Express enthusiasm
    • Nancy: Suggest improvement or express excitement
    • Chang: Inquire about his needs
  • Take a leap of faith
  • Select “Interstellar”
  • Choose any option about “Kredon…”
  • Agree
  • Obtain the audio log device
  • Search for the egg
  • Take the gun
  • Assist Vasil or Commander Hasler
  • Listen to the last audio log
  • Flatter her appearance
  • Before leaving, converse with Calypso and Mr. Mos for 120 Eternals
  • Decline leaving, opt to stay

Eternum 0.5 Tips

  • Decline
  • State your cause for fighting
  • Avoid looking
  • Assign a task to Chang
  • Enter the car
  • Sit with Luna in the back
  • Participate in the game
  • Comment on their appearance
  • Express admiration
  • Play twice, choosing Raul, Nova, or Idriel
  • Put your arm around Luna
  • Cooperate
  • Confess your feelings
  • Share a photo with Annie
  • Ask for Luna’s opinion
  • Inquire about language skills
  • Discuss hobbies
  • Encourage removing gloves
  • Share a kiss
  • Hold Luna around the waist
  • Join the ofrenda
  • Converse with Luna
  • Respond positively
  • Engage in conversation with Nova
  • Share a picture with Annie
  • Express agreement or admiration
  • Prepare for the party
  • Engage in conversation
  • Make choices at Penny’s scene
  • Proceed as directed
  • Choose to touch yourselves or not
  • Decide whether Nova accompanies you
  • Return to Penny’s class
  • Choose dare
  • Choose tails
  • Assist Penelope or Charlotte
  • Interact with Penny
  • Choose a romantic or rough approach
  • Thank you for the coffee
  • Choose roleplay or correction
  • Make choices regarding gems and events
  • Assert your desire

Eternum 0.6 Hints

  • Choose any nickname
  • Compliment Luna
  • Bid farewell formally
  • Decide between physical or magic
  • Flirt
  • Visit the Collector’s house
  • Speak with Harley Jones
  • Express appreciation
  • Attempt to open the locked door
  • Interact with Clonk
  • Be kind to Clonk
  • Vote for any candidate
  • Inspect the reception area
  • Open the locked room
  • Speak with Gemini, Harley Jones, Clonk
  • Vote for Gemini
  • Investigate the briefcase
  • Allow Luna to investigate
  • Speak with sister Baek
  • Express a desire for more
  • Speak with Clonk
  • Vote for any of the first three options
  • Speak with Clonk again
  • Vote for any of the first two options
  • Obtain the artifact
  • Affirm your allegiance to Kredon
  • Choose to let Luna find her own pace or push her limits
  • Choose Kredon as your true family
  • Opt for a barbecue
  • Respond to Luna’s illness scenario
  • Lend Chang money
  • Compliment Luna and Penelope
  • Share information with Clonk
  • Select Blackridge
  • Participate in the game with Dalia
  • Choose Calypso’s option and tease her
  • Select “Kiss me” with Alex and “Kill him”
  • Go with Dalia the second time
  • Choose between Gertrude, Charlotte, or Praetorian
  • Select Idriel, then Micaela, then Dalia
  • Slap Luna
  • Continue with option “b”
  • Discuss various topics with Luna


In conclusion, mastering Eternum requires strategic decision-making. Versions 0.1 to 0.6 offer diverse scenarios, from romantic interludes to intense battles. With each choice influencing outcomes, players navigate a rich narrative. Whether forging alliances or unraveling mysteries, these walkthroughs ensure a captivating gaming experience for every player.

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