Dystopian Robot Girlfriend: Mods & Cheats Guide


Are you ready to enhance your gaming experience with My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Cheats and Mods? In this diversion, players can utilize their robot lady friends to win cash. It’s a role-playing amusement for grown-ups.

Meet Anon, the main character, living in Megacity. After losing his job, he struggles to make ends meet until he discovers a robot in the form of an adorable girl.

Turning to the sexbot for income, Anon faces the challenge of maintaining and upgrading it. But fear not! The mods in Dystopian Robot Girlfriend can assist you in achieving your goals faster.

Dystopian Robot Girlfriend: A Quick Overview

  • Mods: Modify the game to your liking. It’s for adults, 18+.
  • Customization: Change the robot’s appearance and clothes as you want. Great graphics and love scenes.
  • Gameplay: Your choices shape the story. Different endings are based on your decisions.
  • Modes: Story, Puzzle, Survival, Exploration, Relationship Management.


  • Graphics: Awesome animations for a great experience.
  • Editor: Control the story, and add scenes.
  • Clothes: Choose from a variety of costumes.
  • Survival: Protect and maintain the sexbot in a chaotic world.
  • Environment: Realistic locations with immersive details.
  • Mini Games: Lots of puzzles and mini-games.
  • Endings: Multiple endings for replayability.

Dystopian Robot Girlfriend: Mods & Where to Find Them

This game blends romance with technology. It’s set in a future where robots and artificial intelligence are common.


Players control various aspects like levels, graphics, characters, user interface, and gameplay mechanics.

Where to Find Mods

Platforms like Incontinent Cell Hideout (Discord) offer mods and cheats.

Incontinent Cell Hideout (Discord)

Official server where players discuss the game and share mods.

Accessing Mods

Join the game’s Discord and navigate to the “Mod Section.”

Installing Mods

Follow these steps:

  • Join the Mods Discord.
  • Go to “Mod Section.”
  • Choose “Mod Releases.”
  • Select the desired mod and download the zip file.
  • Open the game, and go to “Main Menu.”
  • Click on “Mods,” then “Load Mods.”
  • Browse and install your chosen mod.


Enhance the gaming experience with cheat codes:

  • Moneythrower: Get 999999999999 Cash
  • iamacheater: Get $10,000 In-game Cash
  • Sexmachine: Get 99999999999 Everything


The game offers a unique romantic experience with robots. It’s highly engaging with great features and graphics. Players have full control over the storyline and can create their dream world.

For more information visit Its Gamify.

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