Cosmic Value: Complete Guide

If you’re interested in understanding the concept of Cosmic Values or gaining insights into the Cosmic Value List for PSX or the Cosmic Value List for Pet Sim X, you’ve come to the correct destination. Our blog provides comprehensive coverage of the most recent developments concerning Cosmic Values, including a detailed guide, as well as the values of pets in Pet Simulator X.

Make sure to read the entire blog to stay updated on various topics such as the Cosmic Value of the Titanic Jolly Cat, trading values for PSX, the Gem Value List in Pet Sim X, Cosmic Values in Pet Sim, and the value of the Huge Chef Cat, among many other things.

What Exactly is Cosmic Value?

Cosmic Values refers to a remarkable online platform that finds significant usage among Pet Simulator X enthusiasts, primarily to enhance the valuation of their in-game pets. This platform, known as Cosmic Values, has gained a reputation for its exceptional reliability and its consistent provision of the most up-to-date enhancements and features. Pet Simulator X players frequently turn to the Cosmic Values website as a dependable resource to amplify the worth of their virtual pets through various strategies and tactics. This platform’s reliability and its commitment to delivering timely updates have contributed to its standing as a go-to hub for players aiming to maximize the potential of their in-game pet collections.

what is cosmic value

Cosmic Values: Complete Guide

Cosmic Value stands as an impressive online platform that serves as a hub for staying updated on all things related to Pet Simulator X. Beyond just being a source of information, it empowers players with the most up-to-date data to aid them in making informed choices and tracking their progress within the game. The Cosmic Value list is meticulously curated by a dedicated team, diligently striving to uphold the accuracy of every detail presented.

Furthermore, the Discord bot proves to be a valuable asset, granting users access to the value list and the opportunity to seek assistance from the staff. In its entirety, Cosmic Value emerges as a pivotal resource for individuals eager to excel in Pet Simulator X.

Key points about Cosmic Values are as follows:

  • Cosmic Values serves as a guiding reference, rather than an ultimate authority, for determining pet values.
  • The Cosmic Values website should be frequented to access the most recent updates on pet and booth values.
  • Staying connected and engaging with the Cosmic Values community via social media is advised for additional insights.
  • Exploring alternative platforms like PetSimX Values can provide a broader perspective on pet values.

How to Use Cosmic Values website?

To initiate your usage of the Cosmic Values platform, you need to visit their official website. Upon landing on the homepage, you will gain access to various menus and choices.

Outlined below are three methods for utilizing the Cosmic Values platform:

  • Security Check

It is important to note that prior to employing Cosmic Values, you should ensure a secure connection to the website. Verify the presence of a small padlock icon in your browser’s address bar. This icon indicates a safe and protected connection, ensuring the security of your data.

  • Uncovering Values

A standout feature of the Cosmic Values website is its comprehensive list of pet values. Consequently, you can utilize the website to look up any pet and ascertain its current in-game value.

  • Booth Values

An advantageous aspect of the Cosmic Values platform is its continual development. Additionally, the team is actively working on booth values for all pets, an enhancement that provides more insights into a pet’s present value.

Social Media and Cosmic Values

In today’s interconnected world, the influence of social media extends to various aspects of our lives. Naturally, even cosmic values haven’t been left untouched by this phenomenon. The cosmic value community has a robust presence on platforms like Twitter and Discord. By becoming a member of these groups, you can stay updated on the most current cosmic values.

Participating actively in group discussions will grant you access to the latest updates on pet values. Now, let’s delve into the details:


A dedicated server focuses on sharing the most recent cosmic values. Joining this server is free, allowing users to engage in discussions. Here, you can exchange insights about games or address any challenges you encounter during gameplay.

cosmic values discord

Discord has emerged as a favored platform for gamers to share their opinions, videos, images, and more, all within a secure environment. This contributes to the strength of the community on Discord.


Another widely used social media platform with a significant global audience is Twitter. You can find a specific channel named “@cosmicvalues” here.

cosmic value twitter

Cosmic Values on Twitter This Twitter account is renowned for effortlessly providing the latest and unbiased information regarding pet values.

Cosmic Values Beyond Pet Simulator X

It’s important to note that the term “Cosmic Value” isn’t solely limited to Pet Simulator X; it also pertains to the comic book series titled “Cosmic Odyssey.”

cosmic odyssey comic book

Cosmic Value Titanic Pets List

Name Gem Value Demand Value Change
Titanic Jolly Cat 21.35T 9/10 +450B
Golden Titanic Jolly Cat 135T 10/10 +45T
Rainbow Titanic Jolly Cat 77T 10/10 +3T
Titanic Balloon Monkey 19.65T 9/10 +550B
Golden Titanic Balloon Monkey N/A N/A N/A
Rainbow Titanic Balloon Monkey 80T 10/10 +4.5T
Titanic Neon Agony 20.1T 9/10 +400B
Golden Titanic Neon Agony N/A N/A N/A
Rainbow Titanic Neon Agony 87T 10/10 +9T
Titanic Blue Balloon Cat 16.2T 8/10 +300B
Titanic Red Balloon Cat 16.2T 8/10 +300B
Rainbow Titanic Blue Balloon Cat 59T 9/10 +3T
Rainbow Titanic Red Balloon Cat 58T 9/10 +2T
Titanic Hubert 16.1T 8/10 +300B
Golden Titanic Hubert N/A N/A N/A
Rainbow Titanic Hubert 56.5T 9/10 +3T
Titanic Dominus Astra 16.1T 8/10 +300B
Golden Titanic Dominus Astra N/A N/A N/A
Rainbow Titanic Dominus Astra 56.5T 9/10 +3T
Titanic Hippomelon 150T 10/10 +10T
Golden Titanic Hippomelon N/A N/A N/A
Rainbow Titanic Hippomelon O/C 10/10 N/A
Titanic Blobfish 118T 10/10 +8T
Golden Titanic Blobfish N/A N/A N/A
Rainbow Titanic Blobfish O/C 10/10 N/A
Titanic Hologram Cat 16.4T 8/10 +350B
Rainbow Titanic Hologram Cat  58T 9/10 +3T
Titanic Capybara 16.5T 9/10 +350B
Rainbow Titanic Capybara 61.5T 9/10 +5T
Titanic Lucki 16.4T 8/10 +350B
Rainbow Titanic Lucki 61.5T 9/10 +5T
Titanic Mystic Corgi 16.75T 9/10 +400B
Rainbow Titanic Mystic Corgi 62T 9/10 +4.5T
Titanic Jelly Cat 17.1T 8/10 +400B
Rainbow Titanic Jelly Cat 73T 9/10 +5T
Titanic Tiedye Cat 16.6T 8/10 +300B

Cosmic Value Huge Pets List

Name Gem Value Demand Value Change
Huge Cat 3.4T 8/10 +100B
Rainbow Huge Cat 6.5T 9/10 +300B
Huge Pumpkin Cat 205B 7/10 +10B
Golden Huge Pumpkin Cat 255B 6/10 +15B
Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat 630B 6/10 +50B
Huge Santa Paws 985B 7/10 +100B
Golden Huge Santa Paws 1.25T 7/10 +50B
Rainbow Huge Santa Paws  2.5T 8/10 +100B
Huge Festive Cat 185B 6/10 +10B

Cosmic Value Shiny Pets List

Name Gem Value Demand Value Change
Shiny Huge Lucki Dominus 800B 8/10 +50B
Shiny Golden Huge Lucki Dominus SOON SOON N/A
Shiny Rainbow Huge Lucki Dominus SOON SOON N/A
Shiny Huge Balloon Dragon 350B 6/10 +30B
Shiny Huge Balloon Dragon N/A N/A N/A
Shiny Rainbow Balloon Dragon 2T 8/10 +2T
Shiny Huge Balloon Axolotl 480B 6/10 +50B
Shiny Golden Huge Balloon Axolotl N/A N/A N/A
Shiny Rainbow Huge Balloon Axolotl SOON SOON N/A


Cosmic values hold immense significance within the global gaming community. While initially, you might feel a bit daunted, over time you’ll become more accustomed to them.

This guide on Celestial Values aims to expand your understanding of pet values and the pivotal role of pet trading among gamers. Once you’ve grasped the accurate value, you’ll be better equipped to make informed choices. For the latest updates, be sure to visit itsgamify.

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