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Are you a fan of Roblox games? Ever wondered how to ace every level and master every challenge? Well, the secret lies within the Anime Story Trello Wiki! Created by the developers, this Trello page is your ultimate guide to everything in the game.

It’s all there, from game modes to spawn locations, missions to bosses! So, if you’re looking to level up your gaming skills, dive into the Trello Wiki and unlock the secrets of Roblox mastery!

Anime Story Trello Wiki – Easy Links

Here are some easy links to the Anime Story Trello Wiki:

Anime Story Official: Link

Anime Story Discord: Link

Anime Story Trello Wiki: Basic Controls

  • Dash: Press [Q] key
  • Navigation: Use W/A/C/D keys
  • Sprint: Press [Left CTRL]
  • Weapons: Use [Left Mouse Button]
  • Charge: Press [R] key
  • Block: Press [F] key

Anime Story Trello Wiki: Character Stats

  • Health/HP: Increases maximum health
  • Energy: Boosts energy level
  • Strength: Boosts damage for melee attacks and strength-based moves
  • Magic: Boosts damage for magic-based moves
  • Speed: Increases walking speed and dash cooldown

Weapons Available

  • Yoru
  • Kunai
  • Cutlass
  • Ki Fist
  • Kiribachi
  • Chained Fists
  • Celestial Blade
  • Executioner’s Blade

Anime Story Trello Wiki: Coins

Coins are super crucial in Anime Story. You can use them for cool stuff like making swords! You can earn coins by doing quests or talking to NPCs.

Anime Story Trello Wiki: Gems

Gems are another excellent currency. You use them to summon abilities.

Ways to Get Gems

  • Do one-time quests
  • Explore the map
  • Sell rare items to “Kintoki.”
  • Talk to NPCs like “Brook” and “Among Us”
  • Complete rewards

Summoning Circle Drop Rates

  • Standard Grade: 50%
  • Rares Grade: 20%
  • Cursed Grade: 10%
  • Blessed Grade: 5%


You can buy gems, EXP boosts, and items to boost your stats, aura, and faces in the shop.

  • Allies: Allies are friendly units that help you in missions and boss fights. They can’t hurt each other.
  • Faces: There are over 140 faces in the game. Every player gets a face when they start playing.


That’s all about Anime Story Trello Link & Wiki. Hope you found this helpful.

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