Ulala Adventure: Codes, Characters & Rewards

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Are you prepared to go on a fun trip to the Stone Age? Ulala Idle Adventure lets you explore a world with people who hunt, dinosaurs, and nice monsters, all happening in ancient times.

In this fun game, you can visit different places like the Fire, Soil, Frost, Skytree, and Lightning continents.

But here’s the good news: you can use special codes to get great rewards and bonuses. These codes help you reach your goals in the game and give you free stuff.

Get ready and prepare to explore the amazing things in the Ulala world with these codes.

Ulala: Learning the Adventure Basics

In Ulala Idle Adventure, you’re a hunter facing dangers in an ancient world. Your goal: survive and thrive!

Choosing Your Character


Pick from various characters, each with unique abilities:

  • Druid: Nature lover and protector
  • Assassin: Speedy fighter like the wind
  • Warrior: Strong with a huge hammer
  • Shaman: Great healer with powerful skills
  • Warlock: Fiery goddess, turns enemies to ash
  • Hunter: Uses bow and arrow for long-range kills
  • Gladiator: Trustworthy and brave team member
  • Mage: Female character with arcane tricks

Unlocking Rewards with Ulala Codes

Get rewards, bonuses, and essential items like gold and food with Ulala codes.

Codes Rewards
ulala888 10 Skill Vouchers and 5 Meat Chunks
Ulala666 10 Skill Vouchers, 3 Vegetables, 3 Peppers, 3 Mushrooms, 50,000 Shells
ulala4year 8 Crystal Vouchers, 6 Ancient Material Chests, 6 Hero Souls, 200 Starfish

Expired Codes

Some codes are no longer active:

Codes Reward
ulalas10 Claim for free rewards!
Ulalass1 Attain free rare rewards!
ulala999 Redeem for special free rewards!

Redeeming Codes

It’s easy to claim your rewards:

  • Open “Ulala Idle Adventure” on your device.
  • Tap the “Camp Icon” on the main page.
  • Go to the game’s “Settings.”
  • Select “Gift Pack Redemption.”
  • Enter your desired “Promo Code.”
  • Click “Confirm” and enjoy your rewards!

Connect with Ulala

Find more on these social media platforms:


In summary, Ulala Idle Adventure takes you on a fun trip to a world full of challenges and adventures from a long time ago. There are a lot of different characters to pick from and you can get rewards by using special codes.

There’s continuously something unused to discover and fulfill within the diversion. Do not take after Ulala on social media to remain upgraded on the most recent news and occasions. Get ready, use the codes, and start your amazing journey in Ulala Idle Adventure today.

For more information visit Its Gamify.

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