Summertime Saga Walkthrough: Unveil Diverse Routes


Ever wondered how to navigate the twists and turns of Summertime Saga?

This guide is here to help! Step into the shoes of a youthful man within the interesting town of Summerville, as he sets out on a travel filled with challenges and puzzles. The story unfolds after the sudden misfortune of his father, as far as the college is on the skyline.

Amidst the hurdles, our protagonist must not only survive but also undertake a quest to unravel the truth. As the upcoming semester looms, he faces the task of gathering funds for his college fees. Additionally, he seeks a companion for the prom night ahead.

Summertime Saga introduces players to a plethora of new locations and characters. The dating game aspect allows you to engage in various daily activities. From exploring new places to meeting new characters and playing numerous minigames (jobs), the adventure is diverse and engaging.

This popular dating game has captured the hearts of many young players. In this article, we are going dive into the points of interest of all the characters and courses, directing you through the complexities of the diversion.

Prepared to set out on a being a-tease travel? Let’s plunge in!

A Simple Guide for Playing Summertime Saga in the Summertime

Discover all the paths and directions in Summertime Saga with this useful guide.

Make good choices

  • Just go on one path.
  • Only cross streets when you need to.
  • Give attention to one girl in the beginning.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions in order.
  • Try different paths at the end of the game.
  • Discover Summerville:

Go to different places

  • Meet people in these locations.
  • How to put Summertime Saga on your Android device:
  • Here’s how to download Late Spring Adventure at no cost on your Android phone.

Visit the Mid Year Adventure site or look for it on Google Play

  • Get the game by tapping “Download. “
  • The game will be installed by itself after it finishes downloading.
  • Have fun playing Summertime Saga.
  • Guide for Summertime Saga – Paths & Step-by-step Guides:
  • Dive into the story-like world of Summertime Saga. This guide tells the main character what happens in each route so they can find their way.

Three Parts and a Prologue: What’s the introductory section?

At the start of Mid Year Adventure, the character faces a challenging circumstance when his father abruptly passes absent. He moves in with his father’s companion, where he finds Jenny, the friend’s girl, now living.

Behind the facade of the happy town lies a dark secret involving the Russian mafia, who are linked to the father’s demise.

Explore Different Routes

Jenny’s Route

  • Age: 24
  • Traits: Smart, dark brown hair, grey eyes.
  • Characteristics: Always thinking of ways to make money.
  • Consider if you find Jenny interesting.

Debbie’s Route

  • Traits: Mature, beautiful body, brown hair, grey eyes.
  • Habits: Enjoys dressing up nicely.
  • Learn more about Debbie’s story.

Diane’s Route

  • Occupation: Businesswoman with a dairy and gardening business.
  • Traits: Friendly, grey eyes, short hair.
  • Opportunities: Offers various jobs for earning money.

Ms. Bissette’s Route

  • Job: French teacher.
  • Traits: Beautiful, green eyes, light brown hair.
  • Note: Involves interactions with the teacher.

Eve’s Route

  • Traits: Cute, black nail color, dyed blue hair, blue eyes.
  • Background: Lost her parents, and is always ready to help her sister.
  • Approach through her sister Grace.

Odette’s Route

  • Style: Gothic appearance, tattoos, body piercings.
  • Challenge: This may involve unique requests.

Roxx y’s Route

  • Real Name: Roxanne, blonde hair, blue eyes, kind-hearted.
  • Relationships: Crystal (mother), Clyde (cousin), Dexter (friend).
  • Be cautious not to focus on Crystal, Clyde, or Dexter.

Ms. Dewitt’s Route

  • Background: African music teacher.
  • Appearance: Braided cornrow style, ponytail, beautiful.
  • Watch out for conflicts with Mrs. Smith.

Ms. Okita’s Route

  • Job: Science teacher.
  • Features: Asian, black hair, dark brown eyes.
  • Unique Style: Wears attractive attire.

Ms. Ross’s Route

  • Occupation: Art teacher.
  • Traits: Open-minded, green eyes, brown afro hair.
  • Suitable for art enthusiasts.

Consuela’s Route

  • Background: Latina cleaning lady for the Rump family.
  • Traits: Hardworking, gain insights into the Rump family.

Daisy’s Route

  • Unique Character: Creature mistreated by Jebadiah Delmont.
  • Features: Always friendly, loves flowers and pizza.

Aqua’s Route

  • Character: Mermaid living in a cave on the coastline.
  • Appearance: Unique features, seeks a companion.

Tammy & June’s Route

  • Tammy: Landlady and girlfriend of Erik.
  • Traits: Mature personality, chestnut brown hair.
  • June: Chubby tech geek, who loves video games.

Mia & Helen’s Route

  • Relationship: Mother-daughter duo.
  • Helen: Strict mother with specific orders.
  • Expect challenges in this difficult route.


In the world of Summertime Saga, diverse characters and intriguing storylines await. From Jenny’s resourcefulness to Roxxy’s kind-hearted nature, each route unfolds a unique tale. Dive into the game’s rich narratives, navigate challenges, and uncover the secrets of Summerville.

Embark on a captivating journey, exploring relationships, and experiencing the various facets of this immersive and entertaining saga.

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