What is Roboquest: Unlocking Doors Guide

Are you curious about Roboquest? Well, you’re in luck because this blog has got all the info you need about the Roboquest: Locked Doors Guide (V1.0).

Stick around and read till the end to grasp everything you need to know about reaching and opening those tricky doors successfully.

Learn How to Open Locked Doors in Roboquest


Behind the Waterfall in “Oasis”

To unlock this door, you need a Buddy-Bot. Look for a special green-eyed robot and interact with it. You’ll find the Buddy-Bot at the start of your run after picking it up for the first time.

1. The Timed Door in “Oasis”

Reach the door quickly before the timer runs out. The in-game clock shows 3 minutes.

2. The Entrance to “Ruins”

In the middle of Oasis, you’ll find the key to open this door.

3. The Entrance to “Quarry”

In the Field level, behind a barred door in the middle, you’ll find the key to open this door.

4. The Laser Corridor in “Ruins”

Press 4 hidden buttons nearby to deactivate the lasers. You can activate the Guardian shield or run through with high health. Once deactivated, the lasers won’t activate again until you use them again.

5. The Key Door in “Fields”

Find the key in the Ruins level beyond the laser corridor. Look for an orange-colored section on the mini-map.

6. The Combination Lock in “Quarry”

Get the combination near the door to Ruins at the Canyons midpoint. Note: This combination is unique to your game and won’t work for others.

7. The Exit Door in “Haven City”

Defeat 4 large enemies marked as red dots on the mini-map.

The Colored Ticket Doors in “Haven City”:

1. The Green Ticket

Find the green ticket in Waste Station. Travel through the Quarry until you reach Aqua Station. Then, find a hidden path just before the midpoint.

2. Red Ticket

You can find the red ticket in The Pit, accessible through Quarry. Look for the keypad door and climb up to find the entrance. Use movement aids to leap. The ticket is at the end of the stage, and the door operates like the one in District XIII.

3. Blue Ticket

The blue ticket is behind the code door in the Energy Centre. Look for the combination lock in the Energy Centre to find the code.

4. Exit Door in District XIII

To open this door, clear the 2 challenge areas marked on the purple sections of the mini-map.

5. Combination Lock in Energy Centre

Find the code for this door at the elemental junction later in the stage. The element changes each time you reach this room, opening a different door. Each element corresponds to a part of the code.

6. Locked Door in Energy Centre (Element Room)

Complete the Doom Gardens level to find the key to unlock this door. Access Doom Gardens by unlocking the door in Fields. This door requires around 25 power cells to open, leading to Doom Gardens, then to an alternate entrance to Aqua Station.

7. Secret Door in Haven City

Gather all the power crystals to unlock this door, located in the orange section of the mini-map.

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