The Quarry Cast: Every Character & Voice Actor

The Quarry marks the newest addition from Supermassive Games, the creators responsible for titles like Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology series. It’s become customary for the development team to bring together an exceptional group of actors to give life to their characters, and The Quarry continues this trend. Let’s delve into the talented voices behind The Quarry Cast.

Voice Actors and Cast of The Quarry Below is the complete roster of voice actors lending their talents to The Quarry. The game employs a blend of voice acting and performance capture, often basing the in-game character models on their real-life counterparts. Join us in exploring the remarkable ensemble cast of The Quarry.

  • Laura Kearney – Siobhan Williams (Forsaken)

Laura Kearney

Laura isn’t your typical bookworm character often seen in ’80s horror films, but she shares some similarities with that role. She’s intelligent, inquisitive, and occasionally feels uneasy when things don’t go as planned. Another young talent in The Quarry’s cast is Siobhan Williams, known for her roles as Naomi Hatch in Hell on Wheels and Brandy Lynn in Deadly Class. She’s also slated to star in the upcoming Master of Doom movie, which will delve into the creation of the Doom video game series.

  • Max Brinly – Skyler Gisondo (The Social Dilemma)

Max Brinly

Max serves as Laura’s boyfriend and is the one initially responsible for driving them to camp a day early, which leads them into trouble. Ignoring the sheriff’s warning to turn back, they persist on their journey. Actor Skyler Gisondo lends his voice to Max, who has maintained a consistent career since the early 2000s. He gained prominence with roles like The Bill Engvall Show and has more recently been featured in TV series such as Santa Clarita Diet, The Righteous Gemstones, and The Resort. You might also recognize him from his appearances in films like Booksmart, the rebooted Vacation, and Licorice Pizza.

  • Travis Hackett – Ted Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man)

Travis Hackett

In typical summer camp horror fashion, Travis Hackett, much like the local sheriffs in such films, enjoys teasing and cautioning the camp counselors about the potential dangers they might face. However, when things take a sinister turn, Travis becomes the person you’d want on your side the most. Ted Raimi, famous for his roles in his brother Sam Raimi’s major movies like The Evil Dead, Spider-Man, and Darkman, has also made appearances in several noteworthy horror films, including the often overlooked ’80s slasher, Intruder.

  • Eliza Vorez – Grace Zabriskie (Armageddon, Wild at Heart)

Eliza Vorez 

In the game “The Quarry,” the last character introduced is Eliza, the narrator, who appears early on as a ghost in Laura and Max’s car before it crashes. Eliza offers tarot readings between chapters, trying to guide players towards specific choices. The game needed a chilling and intense voice for Eliza, which was provided by Grace Zabriskie, an actress with a strong presence. Zabriskie has been active in acting since the late 1980s and is recognized for her role in Twin Peaks as Sarah Palmer, as well as her involvement in various projects by David Lynch. For fans of Seinfeld, she’s also remembered for portraying George Costanza’s late fiancée Susan’s mother across multiple episodes.

  • Dylan Lenivy – Miles Robbins (Halloween (2018), Blockers)

Dylan Lenivy

Dylan, the camp counselor, adds a hilarious twist to his routine announcements over the camp’s loudspeakers, turning them into a must-hear experience. Though he’s popular among his fellow counselors, some suspect there’s more to him than meets the eye. If you’re a horror enthusiast, you might recognize voice actor Miles Robbins from his role as Dave in the 2018 Halloween remake. He’s also been seen as Jackson Van De Kamp in the X-Files revival and as Connor in the 2018 film Blockers.

  • Emma Mountebank – Halston Sage (X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Paper Towns)

Emma Mountebank

Emma is the boldest of the group, a talented actress who loves connecting with her fans through live streams. While she might playfully intrigue Jacob, her summer romance, there’s more depth to her than meets the eye, brought to life skillfully by Halston Sage. Halston Sage began her career in movies like Neighbors and Paper Towns, but in recent years, she’s transitioned to television, taking on lead roles in series like The Orville and Prodigal Son.

  • Ryan Erzahler – Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

Ryan Erzahler

Ryan, the person Kaitlyn has feelings for, stands out for his love of podcasts and his solitary nature. Despite his tendency to keep to himself, he shares a close bond with Chris Hackett, the owner of Hackett’s Quarry. Voiced by Justice Smith, Ryan’s fascination with horror stories seamlessly weaves in the camp’s eerie past events into the narrative. Although relatively new to the scene, Smith has made a mark in significant roles such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu in consecutive years. His distinctive voice continues to secure him diverse acting opportunities.

  • Kaitlyn Ka – Brenda Song (Dollface, The Social Network)

Kaitlyn Ka

Kaitlyn Ka likes to create a little bit of drama among her fellow counselors, but she’s actually very caring about her friends’ safety and is ready to help when needed, despite her fun-loving nature. You might know Brenda Song best from her role as Christy in The Social Network, but she’s also been in a bunch of TV shows like Dollface, New Girl, Scandal, and even some episodes of Robot Chicken.

  • Jacob Custos – Zach Tinker (13 Reasons Why)

Jacob Custos

In any retro horror flick from the ’80s, there’s always that loud and showy jock character, and that’s exactly who Jacob is. But deep down, he does have a caring side for his pals, even if he prefers hogging the spotlight most of the time. Zach Tinker, the voice behind Jacob, has been keeping busy lately. While he’s still on the lookout for that one standout role, you might have spotted him as Grayson in 13 Reasons Why, playing Sonny Kiriakis on The Days of Our Lives, or taking on the role of Sam in American Horror Story.

  • Nicholas “Nick” Furcillo – Evan Evagora (Star Trek: Picard)

Nicholas “Nick” Furcillo

Traveling to Hackett’s Quarry from Australia, Nick stands out as the friendliest counselor. It’s clear he has a fondness for Abi, yet he’s a bit hesitant to take the plunge and ask her to be more than just friends. When it was discovered that Nick’s voice actor, Evan Evagora, was also from Australia, the team considered whether to keep his accent for the character.

  • Abigail Blyg – Ariel Winter (Modern Family)

Abigail Blyg

Abigail, a quiet and sometimes awkward camp counselor, holds dreams of becoming an artist. Despite her reserved nature, she garners respect and affection from her friends. Similar to her fellow Quarry peers, she’s on a quest for love. Abigail’s voice is brought to life by Ariel Winter, known for her role as Alex Dunphy in Modern Family. Ariel has also lent her voice to Young Kairi in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory and even portrayed a Moogle in certain Final Fantasy games.

  • Chris Hackett – David Arquette (Scream franchise)

Chris Hackett

Chris Hackett, the owner of Hackett’s Quarry, kicks off the story by getting his camp counselors ready to head home after the summer. However, trouble arises when a character makes a silly decision that leads to car problems. This causes Chris to panic, urging the counselors to stay indoors throughout the night. He leaves in his car to seek help. The role of Chris is portrayed by the well-known actor David Arquette, who is famous for his involvement in the Scream movies and has appeared in various films like Never Been Kissed and Eight Legged Freaks. David Arquette also had a stint as a wrestler in WCW, which was quite popular, and he even did some voice acting in the early 2010s for Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Notably, he was married to actress Courtney Cox for more than a decade.

  • Bobby Hackett – Ethan Suplee (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Bobby Hackett

Bobby Hackett, a robust and imposing individual, resides alongside his family in a woodland area. While he doesn’t come across as malicious, his potential for harm is evident, especially when influenced by his sibling’s commands. Ethan Suplee lends his voice to Bobby’s character. You might recognize Ethan from various roles, such as Louie Lastik in Remember the Titans, Toby Welch in The Wolf of Wall Street, or Randy Hickey in My Name is Earl.

  • Jedediah Hackett – Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator)

Jedediah Hackett

In “The Quarry,” Jedediah and Bobby emerge as enigmatic figures who maintain an air of mystery throughout a significant part of the story. Right from their initial introduction, it’s clear that they’re formidable and engaged in a forest pursuit. Revealing more about their roles would delve into spoilers, so let’s focus on their voice actors: Lance Henriksen and Ethan Suplee. Henriksen, being the eldest cast member, boasts an extensive career dating back to an uncredited role in 1961. Notably recognized as Bishop in the Aliens series, he’s also lent his voice to characters like Kerchak in Disney’s Tarzan. In contrast, Suplee’s career has leaned towards comedy, with diverse roles in TV and movies such as My Name Is Earl, Remember The Titans, and several Kevin Smith projects.

  • Constance Hackett – Lin Shaye (Insidious franchise, The Grudge)

Constance Hackett

In the Hackett family, the head figure takes on a maternal role not just within the family, but also towards the camp counselors. Yet, beneath her typically kind demeanor, there’s a mysterious aspect that some counselors find unsettling. Fans of horror might notice that Constance’s voice is provided by Lin Shaye, a familiar face known for portraying elderly characters in scary movies such as Insidious, The Call, Darkness Falls, and The Grudge.

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