Pilgramed Game Updates: Trello & Wiki Links

Pilgramed GameDo you want to know more about the exciting Roblox game Pilgramed? Have you ever wondered where to find all the important information about it? Look no further!

Pilgramed Trello Link & Wiki is like a big book of knowledge about the game. Inside, you can find things like:

  • How to do cool stuff
  • What buttons to press
  • Who the characters are
  • Secret codes for bonuses
  • News about updates
  • Where everything is on the map
  • What weapons and armor you can get

Pilgramed is an awesome game where you make and collect weapons to fight bad guys. You can fight with swords, use magic, or even shoot arrows and guns!

This article has the Trello and Wiki Links for Pilgramed, so you can learn all you need to know to become a pro player!

Understand Pilgramed Trello & Wiki In Detail

If you’re crazy about gaming, you can check out the Trello and Wiki Links for this game, as well as other social media sites, to stay updated on all things Pilgramed. Let’s explore the social media links:

1. Game Platforms Links

2. Pilgramed Discord 


Role of Pilgramed Official Trello

This link provides all the helpful content about the game. Trello is a great platform for gathering information about various topics.

Click on the official Trello Link mentioned here: https://trello.com/b/xhOTqEHT/pilgrammed-trello

The data is flawlessly organized and partitioned into distinctive categories, making it simple to explore as everything is accessible on one page. Players can find various things from this link such as:

  • Bosses
  • Gift Codes
  • Tools/Materials
  • Weapons/Armor
  • Game Mechanics
  • General Information
  • Game Location/Map

Pilgramed Wiki

This link is a super helpful place for game fans. It explains how the game works and gives tips to players.

Visit the official Wiki Link to find out what’s happening in the game:


On this site, players can learn about different parts of the game like:

  • Maps
  • Tools
  • Shops
  • Armor
  • Quests
  • Bosses
  • Helmets
  • Enemies
  • Weapons
  • Locations
  • Materials
  • Mechanics
  • Characters
  • Accessories

Pilgramed Discord

This channel is where players can chat and talk about the game. They share all the new stuff.

Click this Official Discord Link to join and get the latest news: https://discord.com/channels/1033852838159323136/1034132505298735124


That’s everything you need to know about Pilgramed Trello and Wiki links. These links help Pilgramed players stay updated on the newest stuff in the game. Trello and the Wiki are perfect for chatting about the game.

For more information visit Its Gamify.

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