How to Hide Followers on Instagram?

Are you interested in keeping your Instagram followers private? While Instagram offers various privacy settings, completely concealing your followers isn’t an option. 

However, there are ways to control who sees your follower list, even if you can’t make it completely invisible to everyone. Perhaps you desire to keep your followers list hidden from others and are seeking ways to hide them. 

Is the thought of displaying your followers list to others something you wish to avoid?

4 Ways to Hide Followers on Instagram

1. Make Your Account Private

When your account is private, only your approved followers can see your followers.

To do this:

  • Tap your profile icon on the bottom right of Instagram.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines on the top right, go to Settings, then Privacy.
  • Toggle on “Private Account”.


This works best for personal accounts. If you’re a creator or brand aiming for a wider audience, keeping your account public might be better.

2. Remove Unwanted Followers

Once your account is private, you can remove specific followers.

Steps to remove followers:

  • Tap your profile photo, and go to Followers.
  • Scroll and tap “Remove” next to the person you want to remove, then confirm.

3. Block People

Blocking someone prevents them from seeing your followers and other details.

To block:

  • Go to the person’s profile, tap the three dots on the top right, then tap “Block” and confirm.

4. Additional Tip

  • To maintain more privacy, avoid accepting requests from people you don’t want to see your followers. 
  • This way, you won’t need to remove or block them later.

Hiding the People You Follow on Instagram

If you’re familiar with Facebook’s options to hide friend or follower lists, you might wonder if Instagram provides a similar feature. While Facebook offers this privacy control, Instagram, unfortunately, doesn’t officially support hiding the list of users someone follows on public profiles. 

Moreover, Visitors to these profiles can freely view the accounts being followed. However, there are some unofficial methods to hide the “following” list.

Tips for Increasing Your Instagram Followers

Want to boost your Instagram followers? Here are some helpful strategies:

1. Understanding Your Audience

  • Regularly researching your audience is crucial. It helps content creators understand their niche better and craft content that resonates.
  • Gaining insights into audience preferences, aspirations, and concerns helps shape content strategies and fosters stronger connections.

2. Analyzing Your Competitors

  • Observe popular posts from your competitors. Create similar engaging content that resonates with your audience. 
  • Innovation is key to driving interaction, especially if polls or interactive posts receive high responses.

3. Effective Hashtag Use

  • Develop hashtag campaigns tailored to your content. 
  • Utilize hashtags that align with your campaigns to encourage more shares and tagging, amplifying your reach.

4. Leveraging Reels & Stories

  • Provide value to your audience consistently. Avoid repetitive mini-tutorials that might bore them. 
  • Instead, diversify your content with humorous, uplifting, industry news, and Reels to entertain and educate your audience.

5. Engagement Matters

  • Interact with your audience actively. Respond to their queries, welcome their ideas, and appreciate thoughtful comments. 
  • Moreover, Building a genuine connection fosters loyalty and encourages further engagement.

In Conclusion

In summary, this article delved into diverse strategies to shield your following list from individuals who could pose a threat to you or your account’s integrity. 

In the realm of influencers and social media, there’s the unfortunate reality of facing ill-intentioned individuals seeking to damage your reputation, despite others resorting to purchasing Instagram followers to bolster their online presence.

Effectively managing these troublesome users involves either blocking or removing them while maintaining a public account setting. If you’re seeking further guidance on concealing your Instagram followers, feel free to explore the website for additional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove followers on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app, go to your profile, tap “Followers,” and choose the person you want to unfollow. Then, select “Remove.”

Will my followers see who I follow on Instagram?

Even with a private account, your followers can view your list of followed accounts. To hide this, consider blocking, limiting, unfollowing, or setting your account to private.

Is there a way to conceal my follower count on Instagram?

The sole method to hide your follower count on Instagram is by blocking the person whose followers you wish to keep private.

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