Boost Your Booga Booga Adventure Using Special Codes!


Are you ready to improve your Booga Booga game? Use Booga Booga Codes to make your game even more fun. Whether you’re new or have been playing for a while, these codes can give you great rewards.

In Booga Booga, you need to survive and make a strong tribe. You can join other players’ groups or have them join yours. Leaders of tribes have special abilities that make them different from others.

To be successful, you have to go into caves, create weapons, collect things, keep your group safe, and also attack other groups. Continue reading to learn how to use these codes and get ready to explore the fun world of Booga Booga.

Booga Booga: Survival Quest

  • Facing Nature’s Challenges: In Booga Booga, the codes given by the game help players survive.
  • Weather Challenges: Players face different environments like snow, water, desert, ice, lava, and grass.
  • Gear Up: To handle these environments, players need clothes, weapons, and shelter. Codes from Booga Booga make it easier to get what you need.

All Booga Booga Codes

Active Codes:

Code Prize
80KLikes! Free Coins (NEW CODE)
245KFavorites Free Coins (NEW CODE)

Expired Codes

Code Code Code Code
HappyNewYears! 50KLikes! 25KLikes 40KFavorites
MerryChristmas! Pirates! St.Patricks 10KLikes
200KFavorites 40KLikes 95KFavorites 8MVisits
75MVisits! Quests! 20KLikes 4MVisits
HappyHalloween! BOOGASHUTDOWN 20MVisits 7KLikes
60MVisits! Ants! 85KFavorites 1MVisits
60KLikes! 35KLikes 15MVisits 3KLikes
New code! 100KFavorites Valentines! BOOGARERELEASE
Anniversary! Easter! 50KFavorites 2KLikes
50MVisits! 30KLikes 10MVisits

How to Use Codes?

Follow these steps to redeem codes and get rewards:

  1. Open Booga Booga
  2. Find the “Chest Icon” or press “Z”
  3. Enter the code
  4. Your code is redeemed

Troubleshooting Codes

  • Sometimes codes don’t work due to certain rules:
  • Each account can only use a code once
  • Enter the exact code from our list


Booga Booga’s codes offer exciting opportunities for players to enhance their gaming experience, providing valuable resources and rewards. While some codes may have expired, there are always new ones to look forward to, ensuring that players can continue to enjoy the challenges and adventures of this survival quest.

Keep exploring, crafting, and conquering the wild world of Booga Booga with these helpful codes at your disposal!

For more information visit Its Gamify.

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