Does the Share Other Blocked Hack Work on Instagram?

How To Know if Someone Blocked Me On Instagram

Have you ever wondered about the intriguing Instagram hack called “Share, Other, Blocked”? Amid the Instagram frenzy, this hack has gained popularity, leaving users curious about its authenticity. 

The burning question is: does this hack work, or is it just another ploy to grab attention and likes? If you’ve been pondering this, fret not – we have the answers.

The Allure of the “Share, Other, Blocked” Hack

What Is Share Other Blocked on Instagram

Social media enthusiasts have been swept up in the hype surrounding the “Share, Other, Blocked” hack. The claim, made by influencers and content creators, suggests that you can unveil the mysterious list of people who have blocked you on Instagram. 

The allure of discovering this information has generated a buzz among users, but is it too good to be true?

Debunking the Myth

What Is “Share, Other, Blocked” on Instagram?

Let’s delve into the heart of the matter. The “Share, Other, Blocked” hack supposedly allows users to uncover their list of blockers on Instagram. 

Content creators have shared steps to follow, including tapping on the share option, selecting “Other,” and navigating to the blocked section. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, the reality is far from it.

The Cold Truth: Does It Work?

Now, for the million-dollar question: does the “Share, Other, Blocked” hack genuinely work? The unequivocal answer is a resounding “No.” 

It’s nothing more than a gimmick, designed to boost likes and user engagement. Users, eager to identify their Instagram blockers, fall into the trap of trying this hack, contributing to the illusion of its effectiveness.

The so-called ‘other’ button, a crucial element of the hack, doesn’t even exist. Users are on a futile quest, searching for a nonexistent feature and leaving amusing comments when they realize the deception.

“I guess I’m blocked by the ‘other’ option also,” one user lamented. Another comment, with nearly 5,000 likes, humorously stated, “Day 69 of searching for another option.”

Reliable Ways to Check if You’ve Been Blocked

In a digital age filled with misinformation, there are legitimate alternatives to determine if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

1. Search for Their Username

Utilize the search option in your account to look for their username. If it’s absent, you’ve likely been blocked.

2. Check Direct Messages

If you’ve had previous conversations, open the chat, and if a pop-up declares “User not found,” you’ve been blocked.

3. Inspect Likes and Comments

Review past likes and comments on their posts. If they’ve vanished, it’s a sign you’ve been blocked.

4. Mention Them

Attempt to mention the person you suspect has blocked you. If unsuccessful, it’s a strong indication of being blocked.

5. Try to Follow

Visit their profile, tap “Follow,” and if you can’t follow them, they’ve likely blocked you.


In conclusion, this article sheds light on the much-discussed “Share, Other, Blocked” hack on Instagram, emphasizing its lack of functionality and labeling it as a mere hoax. 

If you were contemplating trying this hack, reading this article has saved you valuable time. Moving forward, stay vigilant against viral trends lacking substance.

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