Mastering Birthday Wish: Tips for Hello Kitty Cafe



Do you want to finish all the Birthday Wish tasks easily? Learn how to become a Master MHKC in Roblox’s Birthday Wish game. Get special items and upgrade your cafe with our simple guide.

Completing Birthday Wish Tasks

Fulfill 500 Orders: Begin by focusing on serving customers efficiently. Use speed boosts, hire additional staff, and optimize your cafe layout to handle orders quickly.

Reach Level 30: Engage in daily tasks, serve as many orders as possible, and complete special events to accumulate experience points.

Serve 3,000 Orders: This is a cumulative goal. Keep your cafe running smoothly, and consider upgrading your equipment and menu items to serve customers faster.

Collect 6 Sanrio Items: These items are typically obtained through special events, purchasing with gems, or completing certain milestones in the game.


The two MARUMOFUBIYORI Statues are available at the City Store’s top floor. Ensure you have enough in-game currency or gems to purchase them.

These statues not only enhance your cafe’s aesthetic but also contribute to completing the Birthday Wish tasks.

Collect 20 Chests: Chests are scattered around the city. Explore different areas, including hidden spots and alleyways, to find them. Chests can contain gems, coins, or exclusive items that help in your cafe’s expansion.

Claim the Grand Prize: Once you’ve completed the above tasks, you can claim your grand prize, which is typically a unique decoration or item that can elevate the look of your cafe and attract more customers.

MARUMOFUBIYORI Decoration & Lunar New Year Dress

With the MARUMOFUBIYORI Statues set up and the grand prize secured, your cafe will boast a unique style that celebrates the theme.

To get the Lunar New Year Dress, make sure you’ve hit level 30, served 3,000 orders, and collected the necessary Sanrio items. This dress not only looks great but also shows off your game achievements.

Tips for Getting 2,000 Gems for the Lunar New Year Theme

  • Log in daily for rewards and complete tasks.
  • Serve efficiently and keep customers happy for extra rewards.
  • Explore the city for chests containing gems.
  • Join limited-time events offering gem rewards.

Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

  • Stay updated on events and updates for new challenges and items.
  • Visit other players’ cafes for ideas and rewards.
  • Plan your layout and menu for maximum efficiency and satisfaction.


Follow these steps and tips to not only finish the Birthday Wish tasks but also make your “My Hello Kitty Cafe” experience richer with exclusive decorations and dresses. Remember, perseverance and smart planning will unlock all the rewards this event offers.

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