Anime Rifts: Combat & Enchantments

Ever wondered how you could step into the world of Dragon Ball Z and battle it out? Well, Anime Rifts makes that possible!

But where can you find all the juicy details about this game? Look no further! Dive into this article to uncover all the secrets hidden within the Wiki and Trello links of Anime Rifts. Let’s embark on an adventure into the anime universe together!

A Detailed Anime Rifts Overview

Roblox could be a put where you’ll play recreations and make your games as well. Anime Fractures on Roblox could be an amusement where you’ll be able to make your character and fight to end up the most grounded. Anime fans will cherish it.

1. Playing Anime Rifts

In this game, you fight other players and can team up with friends to take on other teams.

2. Key Focus Areas

  • Defense: Increases your health.
  • Energy: Boosts your Ki-based abilities.
  • Strength: Makes you physically stronger.

3. Anime Rifts Trello Link


Find all the game info on Anime Rifts Trello. It includes:

  • Races
  • Traits
  • Codes
  • Rarities
  • Controls
  • Gameplay
  • Attributes
  • Accessories

Trello is easy to use and constantly updated by players and the Anime Rifts team.

Join the discussion: Anime Rifts Trello

4. Anime Rifts Wiki Link


The Wiki is like a game encyclopedia. It provides updates on Anime Rifts, including:

  • Items
  • Races
  • Specs
  • Armors
  • Commands
  • Specializations

Explore the game more: Anime Rifts Wiki

Learning Anime Rifts Controls

  • Q: Dash
  • F: Block
  • T: Race Skill
  • V: Spec Skill
  • WW: Sprint
  • Shift: Shift lock
  • Mouse1: Basic Combat
  • Space x2: Double Jump

Anime Rifts Enchantments – All Effects Listed

Positive Enchantments

Enchantment Effect
Firm +25% Strength
Divine +35% Magic
Arcane +45% Magic
Blessed +25% Magic
Secure +20% Strength
Steady +35% Strength
Armored +35% Endurance
Titanic +65% Endurance
Heavy +50% Endurance
Hardened +25% Defense
Reinforced +60% Endurance
Mythical +30% Endurance, +20% Magic
Imperishable +45% Endurance, +5% Magic
Conquerors +20% Endurance, +10% Magic, +10% Strength
Heroic +35% Endurance, +25% Strength, +10% Magic
Flawless +10% Endurance, +20% Strength & Magic
Mighty +5% Endurance, +35% Strength, +15% Magic

Negative Enchantments

Enchantment Effect
Small -40% Endurance
Used -10% Endurance
Mundane -95% Magic
Rusty -20% Endurance
Demolished -95% Strength
Crude -25% Endurance, Magic, and Strength
Fake -95% Endurance, Magic, and Strength
Broken -75% Endurance, Magic, and Strength
Wrecked -50% Endurance, Magic, and Strength
Ruined -10% Endurance, -5% Magic, -5% Strength
Flawed -10% Endurance, -20% Magic, -20% Strength

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Anime Rifts offers an exhilarating gaming experience with its dynamic controls and diverse enchantments. Whether learning how to fight or coming up with magic plans, players can get involved in really exciting fights.

Anime Rifts offers never-ending fun in the world of anime games, with lots of updates and a lively community.

For more information visit Its Gamify.

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